FG Newsletter #322

22. February 2017

Toptal is a marketplace for top finance experts and consultants
Top companies and startups hire freelance finance experts from Toptal for their most mission‑critical projects. Also check out the blog, including their recent post: “The Common Term Sheet Mistakes Founders Regret Making“. Thanks Toptal for sponsoring today’s edition.

How To Get Your Story Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine
If you are an entrepreneur, a PR person, or a growth hacker looking to get the attention of press, this article explains what you need to know to get your story featured by media outlets.

Overcast 3: Design walkthrough
Marco Arment has a great breakdown of what he learned designing and launching the latest version of Overcast, our favorite iOS podcast app.

Amazon launches a new AI blog
“If you ask 100 people for the definition of “artificial intelligence,” you’ll get at least 100 answers, if not more. At AWS, we define it as a service or system which can perform tasks that usually require human-level intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making or translation. On this new AWS blog, we’ll be covering these areas and more.”

NASA Tests Plane-Guiding Tech to Shorten Your Next Flight
This month, the FAA and NASA are running a series of trial flights aimed at making airport arrivals far more efficient. It’s just one part of NextGen, the FAA’s decades-long, $35 billion overhaul of America’s aging, inefficient air traffic control system.

Motorcycle Sleds + Vodka = A Very Russian Bike Rally
“Once a year, thousands of riders come together to race DIY motorcycles on the ice and get drunk”. This looks fun yet insane.