FG Newsletter #291

01. December 2016


// GrowthList Shopify, an in-depth research report on 5,800 e-commerce stores hosted on the Shopify platform. Purchase before it’s general release date on Monday to access $50 off. For more reports visit GrowthList.

Inside (The) Information. An excellent in-depth look at how Jessica Lessin has grown The Information into a fast growing digital media company supported by subscriptions: “Almost three years in, The Information is cash-flow positive, with 10 of the 11 most highly valued tech companies as subscribers. Lessin won’t disclose subscriber numbers beyond saying that they more than doubled over the past year, but observers estimate the site has around 10,000 members, including Valley megastars like Zuckerberg and Snap CEO Evan Spiegel.”

Bitcoin’s Blue Chip. Another great write up, this time profiling Coinbase: “Coinbase’s wallet is used by 4.8 million customers from 33 countries to buy, store and spend bitcoin and a newer cryptocurrency, ether. Customers link their wallets to their regular bank accounts and pay Coinbase a commission–1.49% for U.S. account holders–to convert from or back to a government-issued currency.”

Prioritizing product announcements in a SaaS world. Interesting read from Matt Hodges at Intercom: “When everything you ship presents a marketing opportunity, there’s a tendency to announce everything. Go that route, and your audience will stop listening.”

How Font Awesome 5 Became Kickstarter’s Most Funded Software Project. With less than 24 hours remaining, the Font Awesome 5 Kickstarter stands at $890k and over 30,000 backers, making it the most funded and most backed software Kickstarter of all time.

Google launches App Maker. Google today announced the launch of App Maker, the newest entry in the low-code, drag-and-drop app building market. Like its competitors from Microsoft and numerous startups, App Maker promises to make it easy for anybody to quickly develop basic apps that serve a very specific purpose inside an organization.

AWS Snowmobile. Amazon debuts AWS Snowmobile, a 45 foot long container and truck capable of transporting 100PB of data securely between locations.

Interesting: How to hide $400M

For fun: This “-ish” cake topper