Disrupting the Freight Industry with Data Culture

30. September 2016

An interesting interview with Charles Lee at Kontainers, the startup that’s disrupting the freight industry, about their ideas and experiences in bringing paradigm-shifting forces into the freight industry.


Here’s my plan to save Twitter: let’s buy it

30. September 2016

Corporate sharks are circling around the platform we love. But there is another way: shared ownership, where the community takes control…


Deutsche Bank’s $10-billion Scandal

30. September 2016

“Deutsche Bank was structurally designed by management to allow corrupt individuals to commit fraud.”


The Top Funded Kickstarter Campaigns of 2016 — So Far

30. September 2016

From $4 million raised for a “fidget cube” to $12 million for a smartwatch, some of these campaigns received an overwhelming amount of support.


Google rebrands its business apps as G Suite, upgrades apps & announces Team Drive

30. September 2016

Not only has Google created the new Google Cloud brand and introduced a number of new apps under the G Suite umbrella, but the company has also announced that it will be using artificial intelligence to beef up Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and even Calendar.


Front launches a mobile app for its inbox for teams

30. September 2016

Front’s new mobile app brings all the features from the desktop version to your phone so that you can manage emails and other communication protocols in multiplayer mode.


CodeSpark raises $4.1 million for games that teach kids how to code

30. September 2016

A Los Angeles startup called codeSpark has raised $4.1 million in seed funding for web and mobile games that teach kids how to code, even before they know how to read and write effectively.


Can you build a successful business out of side projects?

29. September 2016

A great interview with Need/Want’s head of design, David Myers, on how they’re building multiple successful businesses at once.


Building an $80,000/month business with a software testing community

29. September 2016

Rosie Sherry explains how she built an $80,000/month business by listening to her audience and genuinely setting out help to her community.


Emails that you need to steal courtesy of Drift

29. September 2016

Content emails, onboarding emails, abandonment emails and NPS emails. Here are all of the emails Drift sends to their customers.


A conversation with Olaf Carlson-Wee, Coinbase’s first employee

29. September 2016

… discussing the early days of bitcoin, interviewing at Coinbase, spotting fraud and launching Polychain Capital.


Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft come together to create historic Partnership on AI

29. September 2016

In an act of self-governance, these five companies came together today to announce the launch the new Partnership on AI.


Spotify is in advanced talks to acquire SoundCloud

29. September 2016

Spotify, the music streaming service, is in advanced talks to acquire SoundCloud, as competition heats up with Apple for the future of digital music, said people briefed on the discussions.


Apple may release new MacBook Pros in the second half of October

29. September 2016

MacRumors has learned that Apple is moving rapidly toward a launch of the new MacBook Pro, with the company’s current development work focused largely on preparing the operating system to support the updated hardware’s new features

Elon Musk, chief executive officer for Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX), pauses during the 67th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Guadalajara, Mexico, on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016. Musk delivered a keynote address at the conference titled "Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species" and tackled the technical challenges and "potential architectures for colonizing the Red Planet." Photographer: Susana Gonzalez/Bloomberg

Elon Musk Announces His Plan to Colonize Mars and Save Humanity

28. September 2016

Musk outlined SpaceX‘s plan today at the 67th annual International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico which involves a slew of new technology: gigantic, reusable rockets; carbon fiber fuel tanks; ultra-powered engines. Plus spaceships capable of carrying a hundred or more passengers to the Red Planet, landing, then returning to Earth to pick up more.


How to build the future with Sam Altman

28. September 2016

Another great Y Combinator’s ‘How to Build the Future’ video featuring Sam Altman on how to make an impact on the world.


The Silver Bullet in ConvertKit’s Rapid Growth

28. September 2016

A great read on how ConvertKit use migrations as a growth strategy, along with details on how they handle the migration processes.


The Three Infrastructure Mistakes Your Company Must Not Make

28. September 2016

Avi Freedman has worked in networking for 30+ years and seen over 100 startups scale their infrastructure. Here are the most vital pieces of advice he has to share.


Access 20% off Promotehour, the company who will get your startup’s first press coverage

28. September 2016

Promotehour, which has helped 100+ startups get press coverage with on-demand PR campaigns, just launched new plans with hyper-customised approach in reaching out to relevant journalists, starting at $49. FounderGrid’s readers get 20% discount on all plans with code: GRID20


DJI’s new Mavic Pro drone folds up and fits in the palm of your hand

28. September 2016

The unit is extremely small and portable, but still packs all the high end features DJI drones are known for.


Meet Charlie, the free HR platform for teams with big ideas

28. September 2016

Charlie automates many of the administrative headaches you’ll experience when scaling a company, so you can spend less time doing admin and more time doing the things you love.


Facebook At Work is launching next month

28. September 2016

The company plans to launch its enterprise communication and collaboration network Facebook At Work in the next few weeks on a per seat pricing model.


How to Send Traffic to Your Landing Pages Using Twitter Ads

27. September 2016

Learn the 7 types of campaigns and 10 types of Twitter ads marketers can use to generate landing page traffic.


How To Track Customer Acquisitions

27. September 2016

Myk Pono at Revue goes deep into customer acquisition funnels for SaaS companies what will help you design, analyze, and optimize your customer acquisition process.


A Rare Tour Of Microsoft’s Hyperscale Datacenters

27. September 2016

A great overview of how datacenter design has changed over the past two decades.


The life of legendary fashion billionaire Ralph Lauren

27. September 2016

An interesting read on how Ralph Lauren built one of the world’s largest fashion companies and a $6 billion fortune.


Customer Experience Management platform CloudCherry raises Series A funding of $6M

27. September 2016

CloudCherry, a SaaS-based, real-time omni-channel Customer Experience Management platform that works with leading brands in retail, banking, insurance, healthcare, e-commerce & more raises $6M in Series A funding.


Disney Is Working With an Adviser on Potential Twitter Bid

27. September 2016

Walt Disney Co. is working with a financial adviser to evaluate a possible bid for Twitter, while Salesforce is working with Bank of America to assess potential bid.


The New York Times is backing TheSkimm

27. September 2016

TheSkimm, the fast-growing newsletter aimed at young women, has new backers, including the New York Times.


Japanese Can Soon Pay Utility Bills with Bitcoin

27. September 2016

Japanese Bitcoin services firm Coincheck today announced “Coincheck Denki”, a service allowing Japan users to pay utility bills with bitcoin.


9 things you didn’t know about the UK’s tech scene

26. September 2016

TechCityUK’s CEO Gerard Grech outlines some interesting facts about investing in or starting up a UK-based tech business.


Growing Park.io to $125k per month as a single employee company

26. September 2016

A great interview with Mike Carson who explains how automating tasks has helped him grow revenue to over $125,000 a month as the only employee at his company.


Space in Design Systems

26. September 2016

An in-depth guide on leveraging space within a design system and how to map it out to CSS.


Interview With The Godfather of Email Marketing

26. September 2016

The folks at Sleeknote interview Tink Taylor to find out how to create the perfect email.


HelpDocs Gets a Major Upgrade

26. September 2016

It’s their biggest update yet. Now it’s easier than ever to write amazing help documentation and keep it up to date.


Snapchat unveils $130 connected sunglasses and rebrands as Snap, Inc.

26. September 2016

SnapChat have said that it will sell Spectacles, a set of connected sunglasses that record 10-second snippets of video, for $130 sometime this fall.


Rolling Stone Magazine Sells 49% Stake to Singapore’s BandLab Technologies

26. September 2016

A Singapore-based social music company has purchased a 49% stake in the storied music brand, including the magazine and its digital assets.

LOS ANGELES, CA. - MARCH 12, 2014:  Blue Bottle Coffee shot in the Los Angeles Times Studio an item from the Natural Products show in Ananheim that Mary will talk about on March 12, 2014.  (Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times)

Blue Bottle Coffee is raising another big round of funding

26. September 2016

Blue Bottle is raising a big round of financing a little more than a year after it raised a whopping $75 million, keeping the coffee wars of San Francisco firmly alive.


Talking self-driving cars, IPOs and what’s next, with True Ventures

23. September 2016

A great Q&A with Jon Callaghan on whether there’s too much money in the market and why WordPress parent Automattic, which is one of True’s earliest and most richly funded portfolio companies, has yet to announce any kind of plan to go public.


Team and Strategy

23. September 2016

A great read from Fred Wilson: “the key to success when you are past the startup/product market fit stage comes down to two things, team and strategy”.

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