FG Newsletter #271

20. October 2016


– Elon Musk announced that as of today all Tesla cars being produced with $8,000 worth of self-driving hardware in all their new cars – before the software is even ready. The hardware required to make this possible includes a sensor loadout compete with eight surround optical cameras, which can see up to 250 meters out from the vehicle on all sides, and a dozen ultrasonic sensors to assist the optical system. According to Musk, you’ll be able to “tap Summon on your phone, and it will eventually find you even if you are on the other side of the country”. Impressive.

– If you run an e-commerce store you’ll want to read this interesting post on mobile shopping from the Google Adwords blog, with added tips on getting your holiday campaigns in shape.

– A great rant by Kevin Marks on how the web is becoming unreadable, largely due to the contrast of fonts used by some of us, and the big app/tech companies out there.

– Coinbase, the platform to buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum, have beta launched a totally redesigned product with ReactJS. Whether you trade cryptocurrencies or not, it’s worth checking out the new platform just to be inspired with how slick the new interface is. Fortune have also covered the redesign.

While on the topic of slick product design, Jan Losert has just published one of the most comprehensive guides I’ve seen on creating stunning and usable dashboard and app designs.

– Payments startup Stripe have launched Radar, a new product that is “powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that automatically learn from Stripe‚Äôs global network of businesses to identify and prevent fraud.” I’m always impressed with how fast Stripe are improving their product offering, and I’m not surprised to learn this week they are now approaching more than 100 million API requests per day.

– This is one impressive list of 101 email subject lines you can test with your email marketing campaigns from the team at OptinMonster.

– Sponsored: BoardingBot have launched on ProductHunt, a bot that invites users from Facebook to test your app.

Tweet of the day: “Twitter needs a full-time, wartime CEO, a great product director, and 1000+ fewer employees. Its problems are so obvious it makes me furious”.

– Interesting: These are the most beautiful surfboards I’ve ever seen.

– For fun: Can You Identify These Major Global Cities From Space?