To Build Great Products, Build This Strong, Scalable System First

22. July 2016

Alex Le and Kavin Stewart, co-VPs of Product at Reddit, focus on the radical shift from product market-fit into growth — a change that steamrolls far too many promising startups. With the tactics they recommend, companies at every phase can learn how to create effective, replicable and (perhaps most importantly) durable product development systems.


Mark Zuckerberg on his plan to bring the internet to every human on earth

22. July 2016

A great interview with Mark Zuckerberg about the obstacles Facebook faces in building internet infrastructure, the role the company hopes to play in developing AR, and why VR is likely to define the next generation of computing. The interview also covers Zuckerberg’s year-long effort to build an AI that powers his home, and the trouble with using bots to operate your toaster.


Inside the test flight of Aquila, Facebook’s first internet drone

22. July 2016

An in-depth look at Aquila, Facebook’s wild project to design, build, and launch an aircraft that can beam down internet access to millions of people from 65,000 feet in the air. If Facebook succeeds at its ultimate goal of keeping Aquila drones aloft and delivering data for 90-day periods, the company believes it will have a powerful new tool in bringing internet access to the entire world.


Dollar Shave Club: How Michael Dubin Created A Massively Successful Company and Re-Defined CPG

22. July 2016

The inside scoop from investor David Pakman about how Dollar Shave Club succeeded and made a very rewarding exit to Unilever, from building an incredible team to offering highly-differentiated products with high product margins, eating up market share and creating a full on lifestyle brand.


Peek Inside a Facebook Design Critique

22. July 2016

Facebook has asked designers around the world to share work to be critiqued. In this critique New York based design student Jon Lee discusses his design for a local workspace discovery app called Nearspace with seven members of the Facebook design team.


4 strategic hiring tips for fast-growing start-ups

22. July 2016

Scaling businesses Impraise, Usabilla and Hotjar share their recruitment secrets to help you avoid any headaches when growing your team.


Start your Website, with Bookmark’s Website Builder

21. July 2016

Bookmark is the go-to website building platform empowering users of all backgrounds and ability levels to create beautiful, fully-functional websites.

HelpDocs launches to make your knowledge base more awesome

21. July 2016

Create a beautiful knowledge base in seconds with HelpDocs. The best thing to happen to customer service since emoji.


Skype is Transitioning to a More Modern, Mobile-Friendly Architecture

21. July 2016

Good news for those stung by Skype weirdness and reliability issues over the past several months: The problems have been caused by a transition to a more modern, mobile-friendly architecture and should be fully resolved soon.


How we generated $712,076.64 in revenue with two people in a little over two years

21. July 2016

A fascinating post detailing Know Your Company’s most unusual business model, that charges a one time fee of $100 per employee for life. CEO Claire Lew goes behind the scenes and shares the numbers.


How Facebook Messenger clawed its way to 1 billion users

21. July 2016

Facebook’s gamble of forcing users to download Messenger has paid off. Despite the backlash, Messenger has doubled its user count in 20 months to reach the one billion user mark five years after its debut. Messenger joins Facebook, its acquisition WhatsApp and Google’s YouTube in the billion user mobile user club.


Elon Musk’s ‘Master Plan’ for Tesla is all about energy, new cars, autonomous, and sharing

21. July 2016

The SpaceX boss has just unveiled his ‘Master Plan, Part Deux’ for Tesla. The four-part plan focuses on making the company work on sustainable energy projects including: integrating energy generation and storage; expanding Tesla to create electric trucks and public transport; fully autonomous vehicles; and having cities where cars are shared as autonomous taxis.


Om Malik interviews Chris Young, co-author of The Modernist Cuisine and founder of ChefSteps

21. July 2016

A great interview with chef and culinary entrepreneur Chris Young about the future of restaurants, Munchery, Soylent, fancy Michelin-star restaurants and, most importantly, the future of food.

Seamlessly record your Mac’s screen with Claquette

21. July 2016

Claquette allows you to record your Mac’s screen, edit your recordings and share them as a movie or animated GIF/PNG.


How to Pitch Your Company

20. July 2016

Michael Seibel, Y Combinator Partner, on pitching your company to investors. From talking about the size of your market to who’s on your team, these are great points not only for pitching but also to consider when starting a company.


Twitter now lets anyone request a verified account

20. July 2016

Great news that Twitter finally has a transparent application process for verifying accounts. Verified accounts are usually granted to public figures or organizations and have a blue checkmark to designate authenticity. Now, anyone can request it…


Where Will Bitcoin Prices Go Post-Halving?

20. July 2016

In the aftermath of bitcoin’s ‘halving’ on 9th July, market experts have begun to take positions on whether they believe the digital currency’s price will rise or fall in the weeks and months ahead. Since then, prices have continued to build gains, rising to a press time total of $668.75, and many market observers suggest gains are likely to continue.


Berlin: Startup Home As A Service

20. July 2016

A video of a spot on talk by Christoph Sollich who totally nails how to brand a startup community – in this case his home town of Berlin.


Blogging as a Service

20. July 2016

A content marketing agency that charges it’s clients based on traffic, not words.


Your Content Marketing Should Be Your Competitive Edge

19. July 2016

Reach out to Laura to learn how to approach your content strategy so that it actually produces an ROI instead of just taking up time and energy.


How people buy your product

19. July 2016

An interesting look at the four ways people end up using Intercom’s Acquire product, from having a problem and not knowing how to solve it to knowing the problem, the type of solution, and the product the customer needs to replace.


How startups can compete with enterprises in artificial intelligence and machine learning

19. July 2016

Thoughtful read about what areas startups can compete with the tech goliaths who have all the data required for AI. Think proprietary data aggregator or application pioneer. The good news is that there’s likely to be a big demand…


Facebook’s new ad tool helps target people who will actually use, not just install, mobile apps

19. July 2016

News that Facebook is launching a new product called App Event Optimization which allows advertisers to more directly reach those users who will be valuable to their application in the longer term – well after the installation, that is.


39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes

19. July 2016

Great speaker notes from a talk the Washington Post Graphics Editor, Kennedy Elliot, gave at OpenVis in April 2016 originally called “Everything we know about how humans perceive graphics”.


How to start a marketplace business

19. July 2016

A very useful playbook from VC Forward Partners, who have invested in and helped over 10 marketplaces businesses, about how marketplaces can get off the ground quickly with a look at the characteristics of a good marketplace.


Is full-time work bad for our brains?

19. July 2016

If you’re over 40, working more than 25 hours a week could be affecting your intelligence, new research suggests.


Start your Website, with Bookmark’s Website Builder

19. July 2016

Bookmark’s powerful yet simple drag and drop website builder gives you full control to create your stunning website with just a few clicks.


Meet Otherside for Twitter

19. July 2016

Otherside creates a Twitter List of the accounts someone else follows, letting you to see Twitter from their perspective.


Chris Anderson, head of TED, shares the 5 TED talks that taught him the most

18. July 2016

TED head Chris Anderson gives his own take on TED talks he’s found the most instructive, from Clay Shirky’s Institutions vs collaboration, on the role of the web way back in 2005, to Bryan Stevenson’s view of the broken American justice system in We need to talk about an injustice.


Silicon Valley’s rebel investor talks profits, Trump, and how big investors have ‘sobered up’

18. July 2016

The full transcript from Business Insider’s interview with Chamath Palihapitiya, Facebook’s former head of user growth. One of the savviest investors in the Valley he’s also known for his candid remarks on the shortcomings of the tech industry.


What Great Listeners Actually Do

18. July 2016

Some great research about what makes a great listener, from being silent and building the speakers self-esteem to having a cooperative conversation and making suggestions.


A top Silicon Valley investor predicts what the world will look like in 10 years, when roads are full of self-driving cars

18. July 2016

An interesting interview with Chris Dixon, partner at Andreessen Horowitz, about the future of autonomous vehicles. Artificial intelligence has improved significantly while the technology needed to build driverless vehicles continues to get cheaper and become more accessible.


When Yahoo Ruled the Valley: Stories of the Original ‘Surfers’

18. July 2016

Great read about Yahoo’s surfers who, in the mid 1990s, visited websites and carefully categorized them by hand. They were a collection of mostly 20-somethings — including a yoga lover, an ex-banker and a divinity student — hired to build a directory of the world’s most interesting websites.


Meet Inky 3, Send encrypted emails using your current email provider

18. July 2016

Inky makes exchanging encrypted and digitally signed email a breeze. It’s as simple as regular email and works with any type of email account.


Understanding Line, the chat app behind 2016’s largest tech IPO

15. July 2016

Line, the mobile messaging app from Japan, is going public in a dual Japan-U.S. IPO that could raise as much as $1.14 billion. The listing is set to be the largest from a tech company this year to date. Despite that, precious little is known about the company outside of Asia, where the vast majority of its users are located, and the challenges that it is up against.


4 Horrible Content Marketing Mistakes That Have Cost Us Millions

15. July 2016

Four big mistakes that have cost Groove dearly, from not using your blog to grow your business to letting people forget about you and making it too hard for people to sign up.


How becoming a pilot made me a better programmer

15. July 2016

Two years ago Nathan Marz trained for my private pilot license. Besides being fun and exhilarating, aviation taught him a lot about being a better programmer, from correctly monitoring production systems to not treating systems as black boxes.


The 3 biggest sales mistakes enterprise software companies make

15. July 2016

A look at three big sales mistakes private enterprise software companies make, from not having a good enough product-market fit to bad timing and being competitively disadvantaged.


Redesigning Pinterest, block by block

15. July 2016

A great in depth look at the Pinterest redesign, which drew inspiration from classic BRIO wooden toys, was based on the three principles of lucid, animated and unbreakable and required a new set of standards to be designed.


The drag-n-drop, embeddable email editor

15. July 2016

Easily embed into your Web application a cool, drag-n-drop email editor. Already used by hundreds of SaaS applications, it makes building great-looking, mobile-ready emails a breeze.

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